Trends in Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Today Search Engine optimization has become an indispensable part of a business as the market is rapidly altering itself. Every business are on a rush to optimize their contents so that it is found organically for readers to share on social media, once they’ve found it, read it, and loved it. The push for optimization of content is more accelerated so that it’s integrated into an overall “click trail” that leads prospects from one piece of content to the next, as they move through the buying cycle to the sale (or whatever conversion is meaningful to your business).

While businesses struggle in getting placed in searches, Google struggles in finding the right and potential contents. SEO is ever changing and 2014 doesn’t seem to be an exception. Google has been changing its algorithm rapidly in the recent times. With the recent Panda 4.0 Google algorithm update, SEO is taking a new phase. The internal sources are believed that it is the new beginning in the era of SEO. Altering the best practices, keywords and relevancy are few struggles that businesses countenance. Marketers should be more cautious in moving with the current trend as it is more important. Keeping up with the latest trends would help businesses not to fall on the wrong side of a Google manual penalty that would keep them wrapped from popping up in Google’s organic searches.

Here are few trends of 2014 in SEO:

SEO in 2014Focus on SEO for Smartphones and Tablets:

On the other end the number of people who are using their smartphones and tablets to access the internet is mounting at a tremendously fast pace. Businesses that aren’t optimizing themselves for mobile and other devise compatibility are digging their own graves. In today’s world of online the no.of smart phone internet users are surpassing the desktop or laptop users. An aesthetically appealing designed website keep its vulnerability wrapped when it is built responsively for mobile and other gadgets so that any person around the globe will have the look & feel of the site experienced without any discrimination of what devise the site is been viewed. It is also to be noted that search engines such as google or bing are conscious of this, and would rank the websites that are responsive or mobile optimized versions higher than those that don’t in organic results.

Location-Based Search

Location-based search is receiving churning responses and is considered as next big thing in 2014’s SEO success rate. A report from comScore, states that Location-based searches are ranked at higher levels particularly for mobile phone users. The report reads that for local searches smartphones and tablets are used by 56% of mobile online users. Small scales business owners and local establishments can accelerate on these stats and can optimize their websites for local searches and keep the money spinner busy right there in their own localities.

Search Engine OptimizationAuthorship in Search Ranking
Across the globe Google is considered the most popular and default or primary search engine that ought to decide the success or failure in your SEO campaigns. Hence it would be a mandatory decision in focusing on Google + for better results, particularly with respect to the growing importance of authorship in search ranking. Authorship allows users to connect any content available in the net that is created by them directly to their Google+ account. Such direct linkages will affect your Author Rank which in turn will create a big impact on SERP results.

Social Media Signals will Influence Search Ranking
As algorithms takes different tangents day by day, SEO success rate has evolved from merely fetching a bunch of inbound backlinks from various sites to focusing more on influence of social signals. Social Media Management and Search Engine Optimization will need to go hand in hand and will play the major role in the success part. Social signals showcases on how the online consumers react and interact with you and your content in the form of likes, tweets, shares, comments and industry influencer citation.

These is certain to take a different shape in the future. The core thing that businesses should keep in mind would be to provide high quality content representing their brand, product or services inspite of whatever changes and forms that SEO would undergo.

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