digital-media-marketing,chennai-cochinIt’s time to stop thinking whether I have to do Search Optimization for my website, or a great presence on social channels. This was perhaps true a few years back. Have heard and read about Online Advertising Companies that say, we no longer do search optimization for our clients, because social media is the new search optimization way. Few worse others claim to get your website on top, when you have nothing as a great on your website or anywhere out on the web.

Digital Marketing works best when the basics are right.

This is where you might get wrong or misled; a perfect online presence is a diverse mix. No longer can single elements deliver what you have been on the lookout for. Long gone are days when search engine was a stand alone, social media was an option. Yes, perhaps you would need help in getting campaign done by some geek agency, but beware if your agency doesn’t provide you a sound audit on your current standing and how the campaign under discussion is going to help. Else, be a brand which has optimal presence on the web. For a starter a stand alone can add nothing.

So what? If you were asking this, and if you are about to start a new or a fresh digital exercise, lay down all parts that you have amassed to date. This becomes a bit easy for starters, you don’t have much. But ensure that you know how this exercise will fit into the larger picture.



Our Process


What do I do?

You would need to do a lot.

  1. Make your website crawlable for crawlers and readable for humans.
  2. Get an agency to work on your revamp, if required. But ensure that the search engine impact is minimal. Thinking, I don’t want search engines to help me… Think again, search engines drive almost 40% of all traffic to a website. The impact of social media is just 25%. In a study conducted by us on few major e-stores, the greatest social contribution was 25%. But most of them were less than 5%.
  3. Research your competitors.
  4. Have a blog on the website
  5. Start churning out contents. Steal shamelessly, but be a bit authentic.
  6. Create downloadable and readable material on your website.
  7. Don’t waste materials. Use materials at least thrice.
  8. Optimally use social channels. Contradicting? We don’t hate social media, but we hate the misconception. Social channels will work when all parts fit perfectly into them. Ensure your blog posts are split further and distributed through social channels. Question… How many should I use? Answer as many as possible. Repeat, as possible, start only if you can.
  9. Start generating leads from your website. Have a proper contact form done.
  10. Start running experiments on your websites.
  11. Do E-mailers from the database amassed.

If you have done perhaps all of these, and require only a part to be left to us. Please choose any specific service.

How do I do all these?

Call us or mail us. We can help you with all or some of them.