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Branding, it’s all about trust. It’s an emotional response which a business manages to evoke in a customer. The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a “name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers”.

Hence, it could be determined that branding is not about taking you ahead of the competitors on the global market, but it is that of presenting you to your prospective customers and make them feel that only you alone in the planet could provide a solution to their problem.

Defining what your brand is about, lays the foundation for all other components which needs to be built upon. Your brand acts as a gauging machine in determining some or all of your marketing materials and strategies. Building a brand is like pampering a baby. We need to put in lot of efforts with dual care. On a holistic perspective, we could weigh the major requirements of building a brand as:

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Visual Identity:

In branding visual Identity emerges as a striker. People should relate to the business wherever they come across your virtual presence. Your virtual presence should be so strong that whenever someone speaks about your kind of service the other person who hears should relate your business.

- Logo Creation:

Logos are decisive characteristic of business marketing. Since it emerges as the company’s major graphical sign, a logo secures a company’s brand and turn out to be the sole vibrant and evident manifestation of the company within the target market. Because of this vital reason, a well framed graphical logo forms as a fundamental part of any company and its marketing strategy. Logo is a representation that can provide shoppers with instantaneous and influential brand acknowledgment of the business and the services or products that it can offer and it would be the first advertisement of your business.

- Positioning and Repetition:

The major task of building a brand involves is in positioning it appropriately. Positioning is an art in branding and a process of identifying the opportunity or space to address a market problem. The brand should be presented both effectively and efficiently. Positioning is most commonly defined as identifying and attempting to occupy a market niche for a brand, product or service utilizing traditional marketing placement strategies. Wherever there is a chance for the involvement of your service or product on whatever cost you should be found there. No stones should be left unturned as the number of places where you are presented and the number of time your presence is noted is the number of chances of you generating a business lead or you capturing the minds of your consumers.


A valuable brand strategy provides you with a foremost frame in exponentially increasing competitive markets. A brand strategy revolves around how you communicate and deliver your brand message and when does you do this and how and where you place it. Regular strategic approach would add value to your company’s product or services which would simultaneously allow you to quote high commercially than the unbranded product or services of your arena. There are many open examples for this such as coke vs a generic soda. Also a consistent brand message would leave a high impression in your consumers.

- Value Proposition:

Addressing the value of your brand is like a voyage into the self-discovery of your business. It would be tough, can be difficult, painful and a slow process.

  • What is the mission of your company?
  • What benefits and features do your products or services deliver?
  • What does your customers and prospects think of your business?
  • What qualities should they relate to your business?

Your brand message should be addressing all these questions through all the digital channels to take the market with a storm.

- Product Benefits:

Through all the communication channels the benefits of your brand should be reachable. The message should be so accessible and handy such that your product or service should kindle or urge the consumers or prospects to reach for the same. The voice of the message should be memorable that it should make the customers to relate themselves with the brand for their requirement. Consumers would never return to you or refer you if your brand falls in meeting the promises.

Brand Tone:

The influence of your brand should be high enough such that making your competitors to count on your progress. Your presence and sustainability in the global competitive market rely upon the tone in which you deliver or present. In the digital world your voice or message should be put front through various channels such as

  • Website
  • Social Channels ( Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin/Pinterest/Instagram etc.)
  • Blogging
  • Publishing Articles/Newsletters/PR
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Activities in related forums

Mere presence in all the above mediums wouldn’t be enough to value your brand. It involves lot of passion and dedication to carry forward the value of business. Consumers are the king of any business, the pitch of the business should deliver the quality of the service or product offered . The customers should be addressed for their inquisitively raised questions. The presence of the business should be so strong the customers should feel that they are been noted and attended and a proper attention would automatically spins a friendly bond between the business and customers making them to be loyal to the brand which results in a long term relationship with the brand. Such a bonding would also end up in many referrals which determines new acquaintance to the business without scaling up the commercials. The voice of the business should be high while presenting the brand and should be humble and pleasing while addressing the customers.

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